Providing Insurance in Somerset County, PA,
for More Than 20 Years

Representing More Than 15 Different Insurance Providers

For dependable insurance in Somerset County, PA, contact Independent Insurance Associates Inc. When you need insurance, you also need assurance that the people with whom you are working are reputable. Representing more than 15 insurance providers for more than 20 years, we are a full-service independent agency. We use our connections in the industry to provide every client with the best coverage. Our experience makes us the most qualified agency to handle every kind of insurance requirement.

Whether for life insurance, agriculture insurance, home insurance, or other options, contact Independent Insurance Associates Inc. Our dedicated customer service guarantees your satisfaction. Call (814) 443-4438 today with any questions, for a quote, or to schedule an appointment.

Committed to Offering Car Insurance, Home Insurance, and More to Somerset, PA

Your home, family, business, and cars in Somerset, PA, are precious to you, and Independent Insurance Associates Inc understands that. They all deserve protection. We provide the best insurance coverage for your family, home, and business. Why? We are committed to offering the best insurance options to our clients in Somerset, PA, and beyond. From workers’ compensation and other business insurance to auto insurance, we have policies that surely fit your needs.

Choose from Independent Insurance Associates Inc Policies Such As:

Whole Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Car Insurance

Farm Insurance

Renter’s Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

RV / Boat Insurance

Business Insurance

…And More.

We Provide Each Client with Trustworthy Service and Guarantee Professionalism

Each client – whether businesses, individuals, or families – deserves to encounter professionalism and receive trustworthy service. We guarantee all of that and then some at Independent Insurance Associates Inc. You can rest assured and remain confident that your insurance option is the best coverage available. Feel free to contact us to find a policy for every home, vehicle, business, or life that needs one.

Contact Independent Insurance Associates Inc for insurance in Somerset County, PA.